Founded more than a century ago, Haesaerts Intermodal is a family based company that has grown to become a leading, reliable multimodal logistic provider. Our aim is to serve the chemical industry with cost-effective tailor made logistic solutions without losing out on safety and quality.

Logistic platforms

Today’s competitive market demands more technological know-how and end-to-end capabilities than ever. By using our own specialized equipment for intermodal transport, we are able to offer the chemical industry a smart range of logistic solutions. Not only does it require the right equipment, it also depends on an innovative communication system. We operate control towers that provide precise information in order to realize objectives and make critical decisions when necessary.

East and West connected

The level of difficulty is where our strength lies. We transport your chemical liquids to any destination without boundaries. Our intermodal network covers Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries. With an office and own assets in Russia, operated by experienced people, we are also well established in all CIS countries.

Responsible care on the road

Our tank trucks are operated by highly qualified and trained, ADR certified, drivers. At Haesaerts, each employee has the responsibility to make safety, health and environmental protection a daily priority. Safety always comes first.

Added Value

Value through innovation and know-how. Our state-of-the-art tank technology and ability to tailor each solution to meet your unique needs, makes Haesaerts Intermodal the flexible and reliable logistic partner you are looking for.