Our fundamentals & values


It is at the core of our business and shines through across our entire company. In all of our relations we strive for partnerships that are based on mutual respect. Our ambition is to make sure everyone in our organization is aligned with these values.


We are committed to the success of our clients businesses. Therefore it is important for us to maintain our proven reliability and to always ensure a high level of customer service. We deliver on our promises. After all, our success depends on the success of our customers.


Tailor-made solutions. We go beyond boundaries to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. In a flexible and speedy manner. In a niche market, it is what sets us apart from other logistic providers. In short, we bring more to the table.


We place high value upon the safety of our employees and operations. Training and education lies at the heart of responsible care on the road. Safety comes first. Always.

Open communication

It is our duty to keep you informed of every step of the logistic process. In our view this can only be obtained through an integrated, effective information flow. We have invested highly in an information management system that can do just that.


At Haesaerts we create value for our customers through innovation. By thinking out of the box and more importantly, by understanding our customer’s point of view. What can we do to gain value for our customers? We listen, identify and deliver.