The history of Haesaerts Intermodal can be best described as a journey through the evolution of transport technology. From the start of motorized vehicles to specialized tank trucks. We have seen it all. A 3rd generation family- run business that has been dedicated to quality transportation for over 104 years.

Transportation trucks

Around the mid-thirties the development of a number of technologies enabled the rise of transportation trucks. Haesaerts stepped right in and invested in specific transport. After World War II there was an opportunity to serve the chemical industry, that’s when the tank containers first made their entrance. It was the start of an incredible journey.

Tank containers

Things quickly evolved in the sixties when all carriers went to southern countries. Haesaerts, however, decided to expand to Scandinavia to explore further opportunities but came to the conclusion that an around trip in one week was too far for truck drivers. Tank containers were the answer. Relatively new in the market back then but essential in keeping the routes going.


In 1967 the first tank trailer made its way across the Atlantic to Europe and provided the means for intermodal transportation. By the beginning of the 1980s Haesaerts had made a name for itself in specialized chemical transport and felt the need to expand into other regions. Going East was a bold choice because of its political climate but also a strategic move considering the new niche market that was waiting to be explored. Today, Haesaerts Intermodal has earned its stripes throughout the years and continues to be leading in today’s logistic market.